What to Do When You are Stopped by Police 

Your Safety is Important to Us

If you are stopped by a police officer, taking the actions suggested below will likely lead to a brief, positive, and safe encounter for both you and the officer. 

What are some reasons police might stop me?
Generally, because you: 

  • Are in the area where a crime just occurred
  • Witness a crime
  • Fit the description of a suspect
  • Have been pointed out as a suspect
  • Appear to need assistance
  • Violate a law 

What should I consider if I am stopped? 

  • Officers may not be stopping you for the same reason you think
  • Over-reaction and/or lack of cooperation will complicate the situation
  • Police are trained to remain in a position that will enhance officer safety
  • Actions and communications are not intended to offend you
    What actions should I take if I'm approached by a police officer?
  • Follow the officer's instructions
  • Keep your hands clearly visible
  • Make slow and deliberate movements
  • Cooperation can greatly reduce the time you are detained 

Be aware that if you are suspected of being armed, the police officer is allowed to frisk you for weapons to ensure the safety of everyone present. If you approach officers on a crime scene calmly ask to speak with them after they secure the scene. If you are armed with any weapon, in a calm and quiet voice tell them WITHOUT reaching for it. Your perception may not be what the officer sees and is dealing with, Don't endanger yourself or others by just assuming you can tell what is happening.


Message from the Sheriff: The White County Sheriff's Office provides the citizens of White County with a high level of customer service and a level of professionalism that gives me great honor to serve as your Sheriff.  We understand that we are stewards of the public's trust and that is a responsibility that I take very seriously.  From our patrol deputies to our detention officers, we are committed to providing the very best in law enforcement services.  I am very proud of the men and women of this organization who work hard to make sure this is one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the State of Georgia.

We ask for your continued partnership as we work together to keep our community safe and ensure it remains one of the country's most enjoyable places to live and work.




 During this time of year there is an increase in thefts and burglaries here are a few tips to help keep yourself and your family safe this Holiday season.

  • Keep your doors and windows locked. Too, often, criminals get into houses through unlocked doors and windows.
  • Close garage doors when not in use even when you are just in the backyard.
  • Consider installing solid core entry doors with reinforced doorframes and dead bolt locks.
  • Identify a "safe room" inside your home where residents can go in an emergency, This room should be have reinforced doors and an exit to the outside and a telephone.
  • Always verify by telephone that the person works for the company they say they represent and has been sent for a reason. A peephole with a  180-degree viewing angle is excellent for you to verify who is on the other side of the door.
  • Never open your door to anyone you do not know. Exterior lighting provides additional protection from intruders. Remember that criminals may hide in the shadows.
  • Always acknowledge a caller at your door to determine who they are and what they want. Some burglars ring the doorbell, and if there is no answer, they break in.
  • Always use your alarm and upgrade your system to include a motion sensor in the master bedroom.
  • Avoid storing large amounts of cash and the bringing home of business deposits.


The Georgia Department of Law's Consumer Protection Unit is warning consumers about IRS imposter scams. The scam typically works as follows: The consumer receives a phone call (or voice mail) purporting to be "Official" or "Final Notice" from the IRS. The caller threatens that the IRS will bring a lawsuit against the consumer if he or she does not call back immediately. If the consumer does call the number back the scammers will try to take money by asking consumers to provide their credit card or bank account information, put the money on a prepaid money card, or wire funds. Consumers are often fooled into thinking the call is legitimate because the scammer may use software to make the caller ID show up as the IRS. The caller may even know the last four digits of consumers Social Security Number.

These type of scams happen all the time, remember no legitimate company will ask for your bank information or have you pay them using a prepaid card. When in doubt about the caller ask them to send you a bill through the mail.Also be aware of scams where the caller claims to be a family member who got arrested while on vacation or out of state. Have the caller advise you where they are locked up at and then google the number to that agency.Verify the information before you send any money.

Remember also that if something is to good to be true it probably is.

The Office of Sheriff carries with it the duty to preserve the peace and protect the lives, persons and property of the people.  White County was created in 1857 and is nestled in the Northeast Georgia Mountains.  It was once part of the Cherokee Indian nation. White County draws tourists year around with its beauty and close proximity to metro Atlanta. Preserving the environment, beauty and history, while meeting future needs, is a goal we all share in White County.

Mission Statement:

The White County Sheriff's Office exists to serve all people within the jurisdiction with respect, fairness, and professionalism.  We are committed to the prevention of crime and the protection of life and property; the preservation of peace, order and safety; the enforcement of laws and ordinances; and the safeguarding of constitutional guarantees.

With community service as our foundation, we are driven by goals to enhance the quality of life, investigating problems as well as incidents, seeking solutions and fostering a sense of safety in communities and individuals.  We nurture the public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics.

To fulfill its mission, the White County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to providing a quality work environment and development of its members through effective training and leadership.

State Certification:

The White County Sheriff's Office is a State Certified agency.  The White County Sheriff's Office obtained State Certification in 2013.

State certification is a progressive and time-proven way of helping law enforcement agencies calculate and improve their overall performances.  The State Certification Program is supervised by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP).

 As a part of this program, the White County Sheriff's Office conducted a thorough self-analysis to determine how existing operations could be adapted to meet standards set by GACP.  When these procedures were in place, a team of trained assessors verified that applicable standards had been successfully implemented. The process culminated with a decision by a joint executive committee that the White County Sheriff's Office had met the requirements for certification.  State Certified agencies must be re-assessed every three years.

Certification status represents a significant professional achievement. Certification acknowledges the implementation of policies and procedures that are conceptually sound and operationally effective.