We will now be taking appointments for visitation under temporary new guidelines. All visitors must submit to a temperature check, wear a mask or facial covering, and will be escorted to their designated seat. Only five (5) appointments will be made for each time slot. Please check back for any updates. 


The White County Detention Center's primary responsibility is the housing safety and security of inmates and staff. The Detention Center is a 176 bed facility that handles approximately 1800 inmates annually. Programs offered include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Education and Religious Services.

Inmates are utilized for maintenance and cleaning of the facility.

Division Commander:  Capt. Diana Blihovde
Email Address:
Phone Number:  706-865-5177

Inmate Information
Inmate Services Direct Line: 706-219-7846

Current Inmates


  • Visitation is on Saturday Only. Appointments must be made in advance by calling 706-219-7846, and will be scheduled in order of call received. Visitation begins at 09:00 AM and each visit consists of a 20 minute video visitation. No one under 18 years of age is permitted and all visitors must present photo identification. Appointments can be made by calling 706-219-7846, Mon-Thurs 9-4:30 and Fri 9-12 only, NO EXCEPTIONS. If there is no answer- you MUST leave a message. If you attempt to make an appointment on a weekday holiday (Monday through Thursday), your call will be returned the following day. If the holiday is on a Friday, you will be called that afternoon.
  • Each inmate is allowed one (1) visitor per week.

Inmate Accounts

  • Adding money to inmate accounts- *Note* Inmates have the ability to transfer funds from their commissary account to their phone account.
    • (Phone Accounts)
    • (Commissary Accounts)
    • Money Order addressed to inmate, mailed to the inmate at 1210 Hulsey Road, Cleveland, GA 30528, and must include the purchaser’s signature.
    • Lobby Kiosk (Phone and Commissary Accounts)





  • Postcards Only in original state, written in blue or black ink only.
  • Photographs- Inmates are allowed to keep up to four (4) photographs in their possession while in the Detention Center. Photographs can be sent in an envelope, envelope must be marked “Photos Enclosed” with no other correspondence in envelope. Any additional photographs will be placed in the inmate’s property. Photos must be printed on photographic quality paper. Any photographs printed on copy paper are not permitted. Pictures must be 4”x6” or smaller, but may not be Polaroid/”instant” type photographs. Photographs must be approved by jail staff before being permitted to stay with the inmate. Any unapproved photographs will be placed in the inmate’s property. Photographs depicting nudity, drugs or alcohol, illegal activity, etc. will not be permitted.
  • No mail will be accepted unless it has been received from the United States Postal Service.
  • Money orders can also be sent via envelope but must be marked with "inmates account" and name with no other correspondence 
  • Legal mail will be accepted. Any legal mail will be searched in the presence of the receiving inmate. 


  • Inmate Whites- All whites must be in new, unopened packaging. Any extra items over the allowed amount will be placed in the inmate’s property. All items of clothing MUST be completely white, void of color waistbands or embroidery.
    • Males-
      • 4 t-shirts (crew neck, short sleeve, no pocket) WHITE in color ONLY
      • 4 boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs (no buttons or snaps) WHITE in color ONLY
      • 4  pairs WHITE socks, crew cut only
      • 2 sets of WHITE thermals (top and bottom), thermal material only (waffle pattern). Silky/athletic material is not permitted.
      • Females-
        • 4 panties (full coverage) WHITE in color ONLY
        • 4 t-shirts (crew neck, short sleeve, no pocket) WHITE in color ONLY
        • 4 sport bras (no wire, no clasp or snaps, no padding) WHITE in color ONLY
        • 4 pairs WHITE socks, crew cut only
        • 2 sets of WHITE thermals (top and bottom), thermal material only (waffle pattern). Silky/athletic material is not permitted.
      • Whites may be dropped off Monday- Friday, 08:00 AM- 05:00 PM only.


Each inmate at the White County Detention Center is offered the ability to utilize books from the Inmate Library. Library for the facility is conducted on Wednesday every week.

  • Book Donations- Books may be donated to the facility library. Books must be soft cover and jail appropriate. Donations may NOT include items made of “magazine” material and may not include staples. Lobby donations will only be accepted for the entirety of the library and cannot be donated to specific individuals. This includes religious materials.
  • Inmate Books- Books may be sent to a specific inmate only if it is mailed directly from the publisher/retailer, addressed to the inmate, delivered to the White County Sheriff’s Office. Books must be soft cover and jail appropriate. Books may NOT include items made of “magazine” material and may not include staples.

Bonding Information

  • Notice: Please allow up to three (3) hours for those recently arrested to be properly booked into the White County Detention Center, and any bonding information to be available. Inmate specific bond amounts may be found by visiting Current Inmate Population or by calling the White County Sheriff’s Office at 706-865-5177.
  • BONDING- All bonds require a cash bond fee of $20.00, exact change is required.  There are three ways to post an inmates bond.
    • Cash – a cash bond requires 100% of the bond plus the $20.00 bond fee be paid in cash funds to the Detention Center. Bond must be paid in exact change. In turn, the money is paid to the court as “Guarantor” that the accused will make his/her court appearances. Any cash bonds will be returned after sentencing. Please allow 30 business days for any cash bond return. If not received, contact court of sentencing.
    • Bonding Company – Please call or visit the White County Sheriff’s Office for an up to date list of approved bonding companies.  Per Georgia Law, staff is not permitted to make a recommendation. Our current participating bonding companies are:
      • 24/7 All Bail Bonds- 706-200-8430
      • A-Able Bonds- 800-564-8299
      • A-Ability Bonds- 706-219-1800
      • E-Z Out Bonds- 800-848-9242, 706-348-7580
      • Property Bond – Please call or visit the Law Enforcement Center for a complete list of required documents and fees if you have personal property you would like to use as collateral on a bond. General rules include:
        • You must have your previous year tax receipt showing paid for that year.
        • All persons listed on the tax receipt must be present, and must show a valid, state issued identification.
        • Property should be valued at least double the required bond amount.
        • All White County property bonds must be approved by the Sheriff of White County.

Any property outside of White County, but located in the state of Georgia, may also be used for the purpose of a property bond of a White County arrestee. However, the property owner MUST receive the property bond through the Sheriff’s Office of the county in which the property is taxed. Out of state property may not be used for bonding purposes.


Please contact the White County Sheriff’s Office with any additional questions.

White County Sheriff’s Office: 706-865-5177

Inmate Services Direct Line: 706-219-7846