About Us

A note Sheriff Walden about the White County Sheriff's Office.


I have had the distinct privilege of serving White County for over 40 years, 28 years as your Sheriff.  During my tenure I have witnessed many changes to include the need for more and better service to meet the ever changing needs of our community.  What we do has become more complex, difficult and demanding every day.  We have made enormous strides at the Sheriff’s Office over the last several years.  We at the White County Sheriff’s Office are committed to being good stewards, keeping the peace and a philosophy of servant leadership, providing the very best service on every call and citizen contact.  We strive to create a healthy climate and environment to work in with good management and leadership.

Our employees demonstrate talent, dedication and commitment.  They give our community their best every day and run toward danger without hesitation.  Simply put they love what they do and do it well.

My purpose in writing this is to tell you about some of our accomplishments at the White County Sheriff’s Office during the past several years due to our competent committed employees and their full measure of effort.  Additionally, to respond to comments made by candidates in the upcoming Sheriff’s election.

We at the Sheriff’s Office recently completed our third round of State Certification adhering to 139 professional standards that have been maintained over the last 7 years.  We are one of 20 Sheriff’s Offices in Georgia out of 159 that are State Certified.  As a result of certification we do a complete review and revision of our policies and procedures annually.  A complete inspection and inventory of all evidence is done annually.  We have a fully integrated 9-1-1 CAD system with both records and jail management and mobile laptops in patrol vehicles.  Deputies are provided with well- maintained vehicles, trained and equipped with lights, siren, in car cameras, laptops, radios in vehicles and portables, handguns, tasers, shot guns, rifles and body armor. We are currently shopping with several vendors regarding body cameras.  Our traffic units are equipped with license plate readers (LPR’s).  The Sheriff’s Office teaches a Citizens Response to an Active Shooter Event (CRASE) course.  We also provide classes to businesses, schools and churches regarding security.  White County Sheriff’s Office has 2 full time deputies assigned to White County Schools as School Resource Officers.

Currently our Detention Center offers a variety of programs to inmates, narcotics anonymous (NA), alcoholic anonymous (AA), G.E.D. program and Church Services with bibles upon request.  Regarding inmate labor only inmates under sentence post conviction are allowed to work outside the facility by law.  Our average inmate population is approximately 100, over 90% represent pre-trial and are not eligible for outside work details.

Additionally our Detention Center Supervisors carry tasers, pepper spray and have the life- saving AED’s and Narcan available.  The Detention Center sends 4 officers annually to the basic mandate for law enforcement certification.  The Detention Center has upgraded our security, fire system and recently completed a deep clean of our entire facility due to COVID-19.

The White County Sheriff’s Office currently has an arduous hiring and promotion policy for applicants and supervisors based on merit and qualifications.

Our Criminal Investigation Division has worked over 3000 cases in the past 5 years. The 6 investigators,  having over 100 years of combined experience, have successfully resolved all homicide cases.

The Civil and Warrant Division executed 848 warrants in 2019.

We have made several security upgrades to our courthouse, with locks, key pads, metal detectors and weapons.

 The White County Sheriff’s Office produces paperless reports, uses touch screen controls, cameras, digital photography, computers, radios, cell phones, crime mapping, a web site and assorted enhancements to remain current with technology.

Drug use and abuse is a serious problem in White County and Georgia.  We at the White County Sheriff’s Office are committed to doing everything in our power to stop the spread of drugs in our community.

The solution to the drug problem is multi-faceted, to include prevention with education, treatment/rehabilitation and finally enforcement. 

We currently at the White County Sheriff’s Office teach Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods Promoting Safety (CHAMPS) in 4 elementary schools as well as speak to several groups on drug education and its effects on society.  White County has both a drug and mental health court as an alternative to incarceration.  Additionally both NA and AA are offered at the White County Jail focusing on rehabilitation.

Finally, our drug enforcement efforts locally are continuous with White County Sheriff’s Office making 80 drug cases and the Drug Task Force making 65 cases in White county during 2019.

A big part of the solution to the problem of drug abuse is prevention.  Reaching our youth through education and training is critical.  Good values, self-discipline, establishing and enforcing boundaries, quality mentors and finally self-respect all develop healthy kids that become productive adults.

In closing, I want to say it is important to recognize what has been accomplished and to build on that for the future.  Continuous improvement is a philosophy I have adopted and a future goal for this Office.  We believe in public service, good stewardship and servant leadership.  Finally, we don’t receive bonuses for doing our job as one Sheriff’s candidate implied.  Public service is something we do because it is both a choice and a privilege.